Hi there! Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest in my work.

I've been snapping photos since I was about 15 years old. Fascinated with printed photos, I not only loved taking them but I loved being in them as well. I wanted to recreate images I saw in magazines and on posters. It was during that time, I entered in to the gross, precarious, and impractical world of modeling. Over the years, I became very familiar with the infamous phrases such as:

  "pose" - "act natural" - "Give more attitude" - "Make friends with the camera."

I thought I was killing it with every shoot but to my surprise I was torn apart from head to toe. I remember feeling that I would never make good images or be a successful model if that meant I had to live up to the industries impossible standard of what theysaid was beautiful, acceptable or even, art itself; and for years that weighed on my self esteem....until I was in control behind the camera!! Suddenly, I realized that with EVERY image, and with EVERY model and with EVERY shoot there is something beautiful. And no matter who you are, I'd love to be the one to show that to you.

And that my friends, is truly what I think photography is....

Beauty in Everything


Ciao Bella!